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Randy Cunningham : 9th Grade Ninja - World's End

Chapter 1 - Field Trip!
“This is so bruce!” Randy said, throwing his head back comfortably into his plane seat. Then he added quietly, “I finally get a break from being the Ninja.” He closed his eyes. “Can’t remember the last time I had a break.”

“You said it, Cunningham.” answered his plump friend, Howard. “Can’t believe you’re leaving the Sorcerer unattended though, Isn’t that book of yours supposed to ruin your cheese or something?” He squinted at Randy, glancing under his seat where the Nomicon was stashed in a bag under Randy’s seat.

“I know, that’s what I first thought, but for some reason, Nomicon was okay with me leaving Norrisville for a while.” shrugged Randy. “Also, if no one’s around at school, there will be no one to stank.”

“You know, I’ve always liked that book.” grinned Howard, ripping open a large bag of chips.

Randy and Howard continued to chatter away on the plane. The two were on a field trip to Mexico to learn about Aztec and Mayan culture under their Geography teacher, as well as few other chaperones, including McFist and Viceroy. Almost the whole school went and there were at least four separate planes to fit all the passengers. For some reason, McFist was generous enough to pay for the ridiculous fees, but that didn’t really worry Randy one bit. As long as McFist and Viceroy was here, he didn’t have to worry about rampaging robots or creatures back home. Meanwhile, the Nomicon was stashed in his bag under his seat.

“What do you think Mexico is like?” asked Howard, looking out of his window seat, trying to spot Mexico from his window seat.

“Not really sure.” answered Randy, feverishly scratching his chin, before playing with his personal entertainment system for his seat. “I didn’t really pay attention in Geography class.”

“What language do they speak there again?”

“You idiots, don’t you ever pay attention at anything at all?” A voice called out from in front of them. A female head popped up in front of him with dark blue hair. She had a smug look on her face. “They speak Spanish, not like you can anyway.”

“Yea, but we’re not the ones using hypnotism Spanish recordings to get high grades.” answered Randy rather curtly.

“You guys, be nice to each other.” A purple haired girl popped her head on the other chair. She had purple hair, just like Randy, but with highlights. She had a cheerful smile imprinted on her face. “We’re supposed to be relaxing remember?”

“But she started It.” muttered Howard, shoving a handful of chips into his mouth, crunching loudly.

“Theresa, you better stop Debby Kang from insulting us otherwise we’d be arguing the whole trip.” Randy said with a mild chuckle. He smiled brightly at her.

She smiled and gritted her teeth, Randy could have sworn it was pink, and then reached out one hand to Debby to pull her to sit down. Noticing that Howard was happily watching a show on his personal entertainment system while munching on a large bag of chips, Randy shut off his entertainment device to go take a nap. He had taken down a robot that morning and was feeling rather exhausted. Maybe a light snooze was in for a change.

Randy was rudely awakened  when the plane touched the ground. He lurched forward and started coughing. Meanwhile next to him, Howard was excitedly looking out the window in awe.

“That was a good nap.” yawned Randy, stretching his hands towards the ceiling of the plane. As he said these words, the plane began to slow down. He turned to Howard. “Watcha see out there?”

“That’s a big airport.” muttered Howard. “Bigger than the one we have in Norrisville.”

The purple haired boy craned his neck to see around his friend to look out the window. He was right. Randy had never seen such a large airport before, not that he went out of the country a lot anyway. He went to Japan once as a vacation trip with his mother, but that was it. Randy’s feet itched to hop off the plane and his curiosity urged him to explore every inch of the area.

Suddenly a loud voice appeared over the loudspeaker, so that it echoed through the aisles.

“Por favor, permanezcan sentados hasta que el avión ha llegado a una parada completa, recuerde llevar su equipaje y le damos las gracias por volar con Aeroméxico.” The voice said and Randy understood none of it. Then the voice repeated in an English voice, “Please remain seated until the plane has come into a complete stop. Remember to take your baggage and we thank you for flying AeroMexico.”

When the plane stopped and everyone stood up at once, Debby then sent a smug look at Randy before picking up her bags. Meanwhile, Bash was smacking anyone who was in the way of is baggage.

“Out of the way schoobs!” he cried out, smacking down a kid from behind. “My bags are there, and you’re blocking the way, so I got to punch you.”

Randy looked disapprovingly at Bash and he was tempted to do something, but he felt Howard’s hand on his arm.

“You’re blocking the way, Cunningham.” Howard said, pushing his scrawny tall friend out of the way. “Grab your stupid book and let’s get off.”

“Yea.” Randy answered bluntly, reaching his hand under his seat, grabbing is bag and slinging it across his shoulder.

Standing up, Randy waddled through the crowd to the exit, where he finally got some space to breath. He took a look around. It was certainly a big place and the hot sun pelted down on him, causing Randy to take off his jacket and tie it around his waist. Looking around, he had saw that some of the male students had already taken off their shirts because of the heat and some of the others had taken out umbrellas in hopes of shielding from them from the blazing hot sun.

“Wow, I didn’t know Mexico was this hot.” mumbled Howard as he came into a step next to him. “I bet you can cook an egg on the sidewalk.”

“Let’s go try that later.” grinned Randy mischievously.

He then spotted Theresa and Debby, who were currently shielding themselves with their bags to protect themselves from the sun. Emerging with an idea, Randy untied his jacket, walked over, and threw it on Theresa and Debby’s head.

“Be sure to give it back to me later!” Randy called out before dashing back to Howard.

“You know Cunningham, if you’re going to hit on some girls-“

“What the juice Howard?” Randy quickly cut in, glaring at his best friend, his face flushing red. “I was just doing them a kind gesture.”

Before Howard could respond, a loud voice boomed throughout the area.

“Attention everyone!” a voice shouted Randy spotted the Music-Band Marching teacher shouting at the top of her lungs. Her military-like voice was loud enough for even the pilot inside the plane to look at her. “Everyone quickly head inside in a nice and orderly fashion! Get your bags and wait until your Chaperone assigned to your group appears! Understood?!” An answer of murmurs of yes and nodding made the teacher relax.

“Now get going!” she crowed, tapping her band stick on the ground.

“There’s my baggage!” Howard said excitedly. He pointed a stubby finger at a large suitcase coming out on the conveyor belt. “Whew, I thought it would never come. Come on and help me get it, Cunningham.”

“Just as soon as I help Theresa get her luggage.” Randy responded as Theresa appeared beside him. “I promised her that I would help her.”

Before Howard could protest, Randy put his luggage on a trolley, grabbed, Theresa by the hand, and started to run after a large light purple bag going down further in the conveyor belt. Stopping further of it, Randy grabbed the large bag and put it the same trolley his baggage was in.

“Thanks, Randy!” Theresa said, giving him a hug. Then she frowned. “My bag is really heavy; it’s amazing that you were able to lift with no problem.”

“Uh, Thanks.” Randy replied simply.  Theresa shot him a thoughtful, questionable look.

To tell the truth, the heavy bag as Theresa described it to be wasn’t very heavy at all. Randy realized that all the fighting from being the Ninja had made him stronger, regardless if he was wearing the suit or not. He wondered if Theresa could figure out if he was the Ninja from that, but he sighed in relief when Howard appeared before she could question him.

“Come on Cunningham, let’s go to the bus.” Howard said, chucking his baggage onto Randy’s trolley and pushing him along.

Just then, Randy heard a strange chime. Along with it, came whispers that echoed throughout his mind. The words were nothing Randy knew of and seemed fairly haunted. The tune also seemed kind of lonely, like something a child would sing if it were left behind. It made his hair stand on end. His legs felt weak and his face flushed of all it's color.

~♫˙˙˙ɥbnoɥʇ ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ ʍoɥs ʇqnop ou ןןıʍ♫~
~♫ןnos poob ɯoɹɟ ǝɟıן♫~
~♫punoɹb ǝɥʇ uo uʍop ɹo ʎʞs ǝɥʇ uı dn♫~
~♫punoɟ ʇou ʇsoן♫~
~♫'ʇsoן ǝɹɐ punoɟ ǝɥʇ♫~
Hey, it's been a while since I wrote a FanFiction and since I'm SO excited for the Second Season of 9th Grade Ninja, I decided that I would pass the time writing a FanFiction. This FanFic was inspired by the book series "The Jaguar Stones" and I thought, hey, what if a Ninja saved the world from ending from the Mayan calander? I added a bit of Aztec culture because it fascinated me. However, there is going to be the presence of blood and blood is going to be very important in the story, so if you're squimish, don't continue reading :U I warned you.

 I know 2012 already passed and everybody still alive, I thought that this was a good idea. I wanted a change of scenery for Randy and Co. to be in, what better way than a field trip? Anyways, like my previous Randy Cunningham FanFic, I'll be uploading a chapter once a week. I might be doing some specials if my mood is in check, but as of right now, 1 per week. I lied
[Next] ->

Also I have a strict policy while writing Fanfictions, no OC (original characters, unless it's a villian, there will be no "other Ninja with another ninja suit and Randy falls in love with her") and no OCC (out of characterness). I might add Human!Nomicon, but I like to keep things strictly to the original, so I might not put Human!Nomicon in, but I'll put the Nomicon with a fairly human-like personality, but still looks like a book. Also, shipping will be limited and canon-shipping will only be accepted. So some minor RandyXTheresa and FluteGirlXBucky, only because it's canon.

Check out my other Randy Cunningham Fanfic!
RC9GN - Stanked: The Movie

(c) World's End Me
(c) Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Disney XD
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